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Monday, 24 November 2008

The Rising - Chapter 63: Knowing Looks

I wish I knew what the hell is going on, Dave thought.

The black car that had passed the hotel was indeed the black car that Dave had followed from Doctor Forrest’s house to Blackchapel. Now, on what was quickly turning into the strangest day of his life, Dave was back doing what he seemed to do best.

Following this damn car and not knowing who is driving or where they’re going.

The road out of Blackchapel led them further up into the mountains. There were no turnings whatsoever so Dave could afford to back off and let a large gap build up between them. After all, if the driver in front cottoned on that he was being followed by the same car again, Dave wouldn’t have room to turn round and make his getaway.

Dave tried to call his wife again but the mountains obstructed the mobile phone signal. He hoped she had taken his advice and got the kids out of the city. He didn’t want the same thing to happen to his family that had happened to Doctor Owen’s wife. It had only been a few hours since Tom had come knocking but he suspected he wouldn’t be able to return home for a while. This investigation was sure to take a long time so he knew it would be for the best if his wife wasn’t waiting at home worrying about when he might return.

He was trying to piece together the events of the morning so far. The police station had been attacked; most likely by a vampire from the description Tom had given him of their techniques. This had led him to the house where Officer Myers was attacked. Now he was following a car being driven by a man who had visited that house to pick up some syringes that had been hidden in the main bedroom. At the same time, the police had changed their line of enquiry to the very people who had asked him for help at the lake.

And they’re counting me as part of that gang.

As Dave turned a corner, he saw that a large part of the road ahead was visible and just before another turning, he saw the black car hit the brakes.

It’s slowing down.

It’s stopped.

If Dave stopped as well, the driver would be alerted to the fact that he was definitely being followed. He decided to take the risk that the driver had stopped for a different reason and kept going. When he reached the car, he saw the door behind the driver swing open. A head popped out and threw up onto the road. The head then looked up at Dave.


Dave kept driving and went past the black car and round the corner without incident.

As soon as he saw Tom, Dave knew that he must have stopped the car on purpose. Tom must have known Dave was following them and wanted him to know that he was with whoever that was in the car. There had been a third figure in the car, which Dave assumed was Skinner.

Dave pushed on ahead and about a mile further down the road, saw a turning. He didn’t take the turning, however, due to a metal gate obstructing his path. Just further down the road was a lookout point that allowed travellers to admire the views of the mountains.

Dave stopped the car and got out, pretending to take pictures with the camera on his mobile phone as soon as the black car appeared at the top of the road. He saw the car stop at the gate, wait for it to open and drive through.

Looking around the tall mountains, Dave noticed that they were casting long shadows everywhere, even though the middle of the day had only just passed.

You could probably walk for miles without being in direct sunlight. The perfect place for vampires to make their home.

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