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Friday, 21 November 2008

The Rising - Chapter 62: Introductions

Agent Clarkson had been listening to The Brotherhood’s radio conversations all day.

They had been completely focused on the capture of Doctor Owen and his companion, Agent Jane Simpson. There was also talk of a detective called Tom Ryder and a missing soldier called Private Skinner. She had heard no talk of anything else, which is why she was shocked to hear the general’s announcement go out across the airwaves.

‘This is General Graham. All troops abort your missions and return to Hartley House immediately. Repeat: return to Hartley House immediately.’

A sign at the side of the road indicated that a lay-by was coming up soon so when she saw that it was clear, she slowed down and stopped her bike in the clearing. The car that was following her did the same. She knew it would take another twenty minutes to reach the address on the note she had left with the tapes so now that The Brotherhood had called off the search, it was time to say hello to her new friends.

She dismounted and took off her helmet, leaving it perched on the seat of her bike, then approached the car and made her way into the back seat. The faces of the man and woman in front of her were still trembling slightly with shock from the attack. They had only just escaped and had no idea who this person was.

‘Who are you?’ Jane asked, with more than a small dose of fear cracking her voice.

‘Forgive me for what has happened this morning. I felt compelled to help you,’ Becky began.


‘You’re Agent Simpson, aren’t you?’

‘That’s right.’

‘I was once an agent of the World Health Organisation as well. Because of the situation we’re all in I guess you already know they are not to be trusted. When I realised you were not following orders of the World Health Organisation or The Brotherhood, I knew I had to find out what you know. You’re Doctor Owen, aren’t you?’

‘That’s correct.’

‘And you’re picking up all the materials you have on the primary treatment, is that right?’

‘Yes. How did you know?’

‘Why are you doing this now?’

‘Wait a minute,’ Jane said, ‘why should we be talking to you? We don’t even know your name.’

Becky looked Jane straight in the eye. ‘You may have heard of me. My name is Becky Clarkson.’

Jane’s eyes widened. ‘Oh my God. Agent Clarkson. But you’ve been off the grid for…’

‘Two years. I had no choice. I discovered something that put my life in jeopardy.’

‘What was that?’ asked Doctor Owen.

‘I know of an agreement between humans and vampires. The treaty is not in place to maintain the current populations. It is there to support a concerted effort to balance the populations of the species.’

Jane shook her head vigorously.

‘That’s not possible. The vampire community is compelled to maintain a small population. Their numbers would grow exponentially if they came out into the open. The Costas report states that the human species would be wiped out within just a few years. That would also result in the extinction of the vampires because there would be no human blood to feed on.’

‘I know the report you’re talking about but it purposely doesn’t take all factors into consideration. It neglects the idea of collusion between vampires and humans, where the populations are actively maintained at mutually beneficial levels. That report was leaked into the public domain on purpose in an attempt to keep the idea of vampires a fantasy.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Jane said, ‘How can the population levels be maintained?’

‘I have evidence at the address on the note,’ Becky said and opened the door, ‘I think the doctor will be particularly interested in what I have to show you. Follow me.’

‘No,’ Jane said, ‘how do we know we can trust you?’

‘I saved your life. Don’t worry, you don’t have to thank me now, but if you don’t follow me, you’re on your own against the vampires and The Brotherhood. Your choice.’

Becky slammed the door and marched back to her motorbike.

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