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Thursday 18 October 2012

Grit City deal and a new Christmas story

Once again it's been far too long between blog posts. That means I've been up to something...

First of all, I have signed a deal with Grit City Publications to publish One Day in Gitmo Nation as an "emotobook". What's an emotobook you may ask? Well, emotobooks are either stand-alone ebooks of around 10,000 words or longer stories released in serial episodes with emotional art embedded in the story at key points of heightened emotion. I thought the structure of One Day in Gitmo Nation would make it an ideal candidate for an emotoserial and guess what? The lovely people at Grit City agreed, so I'm currently working with my editor Rebecca Hoffman to re-edit the novel for publication.

You can find out more about emotobooks here. If you're looking for a starting point, I recommend jumping in with Grit City, the first emotoserial written by Ron Gavalik, who came up with the emotobook concept.

In other news, I am also working on a short story for publication in time for Christmas called A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol, which will also be an audiobook performed by my old friend Rynothebearded.

Stay tuned...