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Monday, 17 November 2008

The Rising - Chapter 60: Ghosts From The Past

It was a dark day outside and the clouds were gathering in the sky. It was a day for ghosts from the past to make their reappearance.

Steve Ellis stood at the door to his office, watching the return of Will Harris, their prodigal son. As soon as they realised that Becky Clarkson had come out of hiding he had ordered Jodi, his deputy, to move Will back upstairs after two years in exile. Steve had been sorry to lose Will. He was one of the most capable operatives on the team and had clocked up more hours on Black Ops support than anyone else. Even now, no one had come close to his achievements. Steve was certain he would fit back in to the team in no time.

He needs to fit back in if we’re going to track down Agent Clarkson.

The phone on Steve’s desk rang and he shut the door to his office. The plaque on the door read ‘World Health Organisation Regional Operations Director’.

He sat down in his Italian leather chair and answered the call.

‘Mister Ellis,’ a deep voice boomed down the telephone. Steve had been expecting the call but this did not stop him being gripped by fear at the mention of his name.

‘Marcus,’ Steve replied in a hushed voice, ‘To what do I owe the honour?’

‘I understand there are complications. Enlighten me.’

‘Agent Clarkson went dark two years ago. She has just come out of hiding this morning. We are still investigating her reappearance but she has already caused casualties today.’

‘I thought she had been taken care of.’

‘A Black Ops mission was thought to have resulted in her death but there were no survivors so we could never say for sure. We thought it was safe to assume she had been neutralised.’

‘We cannot afford to make any assumptions. Will this affect our plans?’

‘No sir. I guarantee this will not affect our plans at all.’

‘Excellent. We will be moving ahead with the plan tonight.’


‘That won’t be a problem, will it Mister Ellis?’

‘Of course not sir, I would let you know well in advance if we had any problems.’

‘That was not intended as a question, Mister Ellis. The plan will be moving ahead. Your protection will be required at sunrise tomorrow. The location remains the same.’


‘I would also like to remind you that for now the treaty remains in place. The Brotherhood have operated without their usual level of secrecy for the last three days. You must ensure that they maintain a low profile until tomorrow morning.’

‘I will speak to General Graham immediately.’

‘And inform your superiors that the next phase of the plan will be going ahead. We have all waited a long time for this moment and finally it is within reach. The Rising must proceed without interruptions.’

With that, Marcus Verrico was gone. Steve knew General Graham would not appreciate being told to scale back his efforts. That would make it very difficult to pick up Agent Clarkson, but there was nothing he could do. The plan had been written and agreed many years ago and there was nothing anyone could do to change it. He checked his watch.

Less than twenty hours until the Rising reaches the point of no return.

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