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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Rising - Chapter 49: Two Hundred And Fifty Syringes

Roxy opened the door to Doctor Forrest’s lab. As ever, he was working hard and didn’t allow her entrance to break his concentration.

He acknowledged her importance to the cause and knew full well that she had the ability to end his life in a heartbeat, but he was a scientist. He took his direction from the experiments in front of him, irrespective of the seniority of the people who supported him. They needed him a hell of a lot more than he needed them.

On the bench in the centre of the lab a plastic box held over two hundred capped syringes, each containing a dark red liquid. Doctor Forrest picked up the last empty syringe and dipped the needle into a basin that held a few dregs of crimson. He pulled the plunger to suck the remnants into the syringe, then wiped it down with a cloth and slid a cap onto the end.

That’s your lot. Two hundred and fifty, ready to go,’ he said, finally looking up at Roxy.

Excellent,’ she said, ‘It was a lot of work at short notice but once we put them to good use, we will be on our way to an army of thousands. What’s the target time?’

Obviously it depends on the physiological make-up of the subjects but it should take about two hours to take hold.’

Perfect. We should have the subjects at the drop-off point by that time.’

It almost makes me feel sorry for the poor bastards who are going to be on the receiving end. Any news on my treatment?’

Yes,’ said Roxy, ‘I’ve just received a call from Jackson. He has picked up your treatment and he is also bringing two of our brothers with him.’

Rebirths? It’s too early in the day for a pickup isn’t it?’

One of them survived the attack at The Brotherhood’s headquarters. He was the one who helped smuggle the bodies into the base. According to our brother at the outpost, they have the head of Commander North of The Brotherhood.’

Doctor Forrest removed his glasses. ‘If that’s true, it affects our plans.’

That’s why I’m bringing them in. If it is true then it will work in our favour. The Brotherhood will be running around trying to find whoever killed their Commander and won’t worry about us for the rest of the day. By then, it will be too late and they’ll have to do whatever we want. Don’t worry, we’re still going ahead with the plan.’

Are you sure we have enough brothers and sisters to coordinate this operation?’

I’ll make sure we’ve got enough. The only thing we need to worry about is completing the operation successfully. If we don’t, we’re probably all going to die.’

What? Why?’

The Lord Chancellor is coming here tonight. He wants to know what happened to Luca.’

But you had to kill him. He was going to ruin everything.’

Let’s hope he sees it that way too.’

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