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Monday, 13 October 2008

The Rising - Chapter 45: Nothing Has Changed

Jane felt nauseous. She rolled down the window a little to get some fresh air.

My family declined to comment?

She didn’t want to think about what was happening to her mother and father. Reporters were almost certainly camped outside their little house in the countryside, laying siege to the old man and woman inside who had no knowledge of the terrible accusations being directed at their daughter.

She looked again at the last comment by the unnamed source.

I may as well draw a target on my head for everyone to shoot at. I’m guilty until proven innocent.

Jane wasn’t as media-savvy as Tom but she knew that when newspapers cited ‘a source’, what they really mean is that they made up the whole damn thing themselves. She was certain all this stemmed from their escape from The Brotherhood. They were trying everything they could to draw them out as soon as possible, but the urgency of their attempts to turn the world against her and the doctor was unexpected.

2am Exclusive’ meant that the lead headline had been changed through the night. The first edition that hit the streets would have had a completely different lead story. Jane flicked through the paper but found no other mention of her or the doctor.

Is that all they wrote?’ Doctor Owen asked.

It looks like it. The Brotherhood had a hand in this. They must have knocked this story together overnight, knowing that we’d see it this morning.’

They’re trying to draw us out. At least we know they’re struggling to find us. They’re clutching at straws.’

Jane started to read through the article again but Doctor Owen grabbed the newspaper out of her hands and threw it onto the back seat.

Hey, there’s nothing you can do about it.’


No, Jane. It’s not important. The only thing that matters is getting our hands on the samples and documents and meeting Doctor Forrest. As soon as we left The Brotherhood, we knew they’d be after us. Even with the newspaper article, nothing has changed.’

Jane spent a moment with her thoughts. ‘You’re right. It’s just so difficult. Everything’s changed since the attack on your lab. I’d give anything to go back to two days ago.’

How do you think Tom feels?’

Jane didn’t answer, choosing to look at her watch instead. ‘It’s nine o’clock. Do you want me to go into the bank?’

No. They’ll want me to sign for the box and they’ll only let me open it.’

Okay. Don’t be long.’

I’ll be as quick as I can,’ said Doctor Owen. He opened the door and ran for the shelter of the bank as the rained continued to pour down. Jane reached for the paper and started to read the article once more.

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