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Friday, 17 October 2008

The Rising - Chapter 47: Two New Friends

The rain was still bouncing off the road as the black motorbike stopped on the corner, watching the car that had pulled in to the side of the road. The figure on the motorbike was a little confused.

They can’t be vampires and they’re definitely not members of The Brotherhood, so who are they? Agent Becky Clarkson thought as she watched Jane run to and from the coffee shop. After two years on the run from The Brotherhood’s attempts to find her, she was in no mood to stick her head above water, but she had to know more about the two people in the car.

As Doctor Owen opened the door and ran across the road into the bank, Becky knew she had an opening. She unzipped a small pocket on her jacket and took out a small, round piece of plastic with a magnet fixed into one end. Holding it between two gloved fingers, she unzipped another pocket and pulled out a PDA. A gloved hand tapped on the screen with the stylus and loaded up a road map. A red dot was blinking in the centre of the screen.

She put the PDA back into her jacket pocket and slowly rode the bike down the road and pulled in just behind the car. Kneeling down at the front of the bike, Becky pretended to check the tyre and when she was certain no one was looking, delicately stuck the magnetic tracer to the underside of the car.

As she stood up, Becky saw the car’s rear wiper clean the back window. Jane adjusted the rear view mirror. At that moment, Becky knew it was time to leave.

Jane stepped out of the car in time to see a black motorbike with a rider clad in black leather heading down the street. She made a mental note of the registration plate and walked round to the back of the car to take a look. Everything looked okay and with the rain already soaking her, she ran back to the car and jumped in.

Stop it Jane, you’re just being paranoid, she thought as she picked up the newspaper and started to read the cover article again.

Becky looked over her shoulder and saw that the car hadn’t followed her. She pulled into a side street and stopped to examine the PDA. The red dot was still blinking in the middle of the screen. Confident that the tracer she’d planted was working perfectly, Becky moved her bike into an alleyway to find some shelter and decided to wait and see where her two new friends would lead her next.

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