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Friday, 6 February 2009

The Rising - Chapter 95: Hiding In The Lab

Emily was in shock. When she opened the door and stepped inside, the last person in the world she had expected to meet was Doctor Forrest.

She cast her eyes around the room. The interior was a stark contrast to the d├ęcor of the corridor outside. A large workbench stood in the middle of the room with barely any space visible among the scientific paraphernalia. Emily recognised some of the equipment but she would have been lying if she said she knew what purpose any of it served. However, the burning question was: what the hell is he doing here?

She had met Doctor Forrest a few times in the past, mostly when he had a moment of inspiration in the middle of the night and called round to wake up her husband.

‘Emily, I’m so happy to see you,’ he began, ‘When they told me about the explosion at our lab, I feared the worst. But then they said that Andrew was okay. Do you know where he is?’

‘No, I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to Andrew since the explosion. I’ve just been dragged around the city by everyone looking for him.’

‘How did you get here?’

‘Someone took me away from the police station and I’ve been stuck in a room down the corridor ever since.’

‘But you’re in here now. How did you get out?’

Emily was about to tell him all about Skinner but then she realised something was amiss.

‘What are you doing in here? The door wasn’t locked,’ she asked.

‘I’m doing work for the vampires,’ he said, ‘I have no choice.’

Emily heard more footsteps outside the lab. She turned back to the door, opening it a fraction. It was Roxy. Emily watched as she opened the cell door without even attempting to unlock it and looked inside. Then she turned and headed directly for the lab.

Emily spun round, hoping Doctor Forrest may be able to offer her somewhere to hide but he had quietly moved closer and she bumped into him. When the door opened, she was trapped between the doctor and Roxy, who looked down at her with her dead brown eyes.

‘You were right,’ Doctor Forrest said.

‘It means we’ve got an infiltrator,’ Roxy said, ‘I know who it is. I’ll take care of him.’

Emily looked Doctor Forrest straight in the eye. ‘You bastard! All this time you were one of them! But you were working on a cure with Andrew. Why?’

‘The treatment has been ready for years. I was just making sure The Brotherhood didn’t do anything they shouldn’t. Your husband was part of that work.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Roxy said, ‘You’ll be joining your husband very soon.’

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