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Friday, 20 February 2009

The Rising - Chapter 101: Vampire Hotel

Dave shuddered as terrible feelings of panic and realisation washed over him.

I’ve checked into a vampire hotel.

He lifted a hand to feel his nose. He was sure it wasn’t broken but that didn’t stop the stream of blood trickling from his nostrils. He ignored it and tried to get to his feet, but a kick to the kidneys sent him tumbling back onto the floor. Another hard boot in the back kept him down.

Dave tried to put the growing pain in his body out of his mind, just for a few seconds while he inched his way over to the bedside table where he had left his gun. He lifted his hand to reach for it but a falling boot stamped his hand into the ground and made it stay there. The concierge picked up the gun and removed the clip, examining the regular bullets inside.

‘I’m not sure what you were expecting to do with this, sir.’

‘Fuck you.’

‘Well, that’s not a very nice way to treat a member of staff.’

‘Come on,’ Ali shouted, ‘The hunger’s killing me.’

The concierge kicked Dave in the back to stop him trying to get up again. ‘You’ll have to wait,’ he said, ‘I’ve told you before. We can’t feed in the bedrooms. Do you know how much work it causes the cleaning staff?’

The concierge picked Dave up by his collar and held his head in front of Ali, who took a swing at him with one quick, hard punch to the jaw. The last thing Dave felt was his eyes rolling back in their sockets. He blacked out and his body slumped in the concierge’s arms.

‘Take him down to the kitchen,’ the concierge said, ‘And try not to get his blood on everything.’

Ali and Bill grabbed an arm each and dragged Dave’s heavy body out of the room and down the corridor towards the elevator. The concierge remained in the room and started to gather together Dave’s personal items. All he had with him were his gun and his jacket. The concierge wondered why someone would check into a hotel first thing in the morning without any luggage and spend all day just hanging around.

He said he was waiting for a friend, but no one else has shown up.

The concierge tucked the gun in his belt and threw Dave’s jacket over his arm. He cast his eyes around the room. Something caught his eye in the mirror by the desk. The mirror was pointing at the window. It looked like a man was outside and he was coming closer.

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