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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Rising - Chapter 88: Losing The Edge

Another beer?’ Ali asked.

No thanks,’ Dave said, finally managing to put a stop to the long line of beers that had been bought for him all night long by his new friend and his silent partner.

Come on, man. Just one more.’

No, I’ve really got to hit the sack now. Thanks anyway.’

Dave got to his feet, realising the night had passed him by. Even though he had been keeping one eye on the road outside, he had lost track of time. One too many drinks had made him lose his edge. In an effort to maintain his watch on the window next to him, he had avoided visiting the men’s room and his bladder now felt like it was bursting at the seams.

Okay man, have a good night’s sleep,’ Ali said and shook hands with Dave.

Well you guys better hit the sack as well if you’re back at work tomorrow.’

Don’t worry about us, man. We’ll be okay. Got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.’

Oh yeah, what’s that?’

Big sale at the department store. Got a real early start. Doors open at five, but we’re in at seven with the second group.’

Dave looked at his watch. It had just gone midnight. ‘Clock’s ticking, guys.’

Nah, we don’t need much sleep, man. Ain’t that right, Bill?’


Dave left the bar and nearly fell as he slipped on the wet floor outside the door. It had stopped raining and the air was humid. He would have thought the rumbling noise that filled the air was thunder were it not for the two coaches that thundered past the hotel.

Do I get in the car and follow them? What if Tom isn’t on one of those coaches?

Dave wasn’t exactly light on his feet at the best of times, and after more than a couple of beers he decided to return to his room and continue his vigil by the window.

What the hell am I doing here? Dave thought to himself, Stuck in the ass-end of nowhere waiting on a car going past that may or may not contain my friend. And what am I supposed to do when it does go past?

After protecting his wife and children, who he hoped were tucked up in a motel somewhere up the coast where no one could find them, finding his friend and partner was his highest priority but Dave had a pressing concern growing in his stomach. More specifically just below his stomach.

Breaking into a jog, he made his way across the car park, up the front steps to the hotel and through the main entrance. None of the elevators were available so he ran up the stairs, praying his key card would work first time when he reached the door to his room. Thankfully it did and Dave made it to his bathroom just in time.

Back in the bar, Ali returned to his table and sat down next to Bill, handing his buddy one of the two beers he had in his hands.

Feeling hungry, Bill?’

Naw man, not yet.’

Okay. We’ll wait a while but I tell you, I gotta eat tonight, man.’

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