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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Rising - Chapter 85: Snooping

Doctor Owen had spent the past few hours running more tests on the substance that was contained in the syringes Agent Clarkson had given him. The more he tested it, the more confident he became that his treatment and this mysterious yellow liquid were one and the same.

How is this possible?

Jane had used the hour or so of down time as an opportunity to do a bit of snooping. She wanted to find out what kind of woman Becky Clarkson was but there weren’t too many clues dotted around the bare apartment. Jane wasn’t surprised. If Becky had to move around a lot, or had to be able to bail at any time, it was hardly surprising there were no photos of friends and family to be found.

Doctor Owen barely acknowledged her presence as she returned to the kitchen table and began to examine the contents of the weapons case Becky had flashed before their eyes. There were a few blank spaces where Becky had tooled up before leaving them earlier, but there was still a veritable arsenal in front of them. Pistols, daggers, silver-plated throwing stars, grenades and all manner of weapons that Jane didn’t recognise. All had their own slot carved into the foam inlay.

Looking inside the case, then outside and back inside again, Jane realised the base of the inlay didn’t go all the way down to the bottom of the case. She found two small handles cut into the foam and wedged her fingers in to lift out the top layer. Underneath, she discovered pieces of a dismantled long-range rifle with a powerful telescope. In the bottom right corner of the second layer of the case was a tray full of the longest silver bullets Jane had ever seen.

Vampire sniper.

She returned the top layer to the case and drew her gun as she heard a noise at the front door.

It’s me,’ Becky said as she entered the kitchen. She emptied the contents of her backpack onto the kitchen table. Jane moved the weapons case onto the floor to make room for the tumbling documents and flasks, which Jane immediately picked up and placed in the freezer.

Is that everything?’ Becky asked, and for the first time in a long time Doctor Owen looked up from his microscope.

Yes, that looks like everything. Thank you,’ he said, and returned his full attention to the samples of blood he was treating.

Did you have any trouble?’ Jane asked.

None at all,’ Becky said, ‘The sites were abandoned. The doors were wide open and everything I was looking for was left out, as if they were expecting me.’

Well, there’s nothing we can do now until the morning. We’ve got everything Doctor Forrest needed and now we have to turn it over to the vampires.’

Not if I can help it,’ Becky said, ‘I’m sure the vampires don’t know about me. They’ll only be expecting the doctor, maybe you as well. We’ve got that on our side. Anything on the news?’

Nothing new. I’m worried that we haven’t heard anything from Tom or Skinner either.’

I’m sure your friends would let us know if they were in any trouble.’ Becky patted Doctor Owen on the shoulder. ‘Come on, guys,’ she said, ‘We’ve undoubtedly got another hard day tomorrow. The sun rises in a few hours. I think it would be a good idea if we all got some rest.’

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