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Monday, 29 September 2008

The Rising - Chapter 39: 'Blackchapel Welcomes Careful Drivers'

Blackchapel? Where the hell is that?

Dave thought he knew the city and the surrounding areas like the back of his hand but he’d never heard of the town on the sign that had just passed him by. He had been tailing the car in front ever since the driver had left Doctor Forrest’s house with the box of syringes that was hidden under the bed.

As far as he could tell, the man in front hadn’t noticed Dave behind him. After all, Dave was a cop with too many years’ experience not to know how to keep his distance.

He had followed his target all the way down Castle Crescent, onto the Expressway, up the ramp onto the Freeway then out of the city for miles and miles. After the Freeway turned into a country road, they had turned down a road that was obscured by trees and driven up a road into the mountains. The road seemed to go on forever without any signs lining the road until he was informed of a town called Blackchapel that lay five miles ahead.

With no junctions for miles, Dave allowed the car in front to get ahead, even out of sight as they wound their way round the twisting dips and inclines. As he dropped a gear to slow down for a sharp blind corner, Dave almost lost control as the car he thought he was following skidded round the corner towards him and whizzed past in the opposite direction.

What the hell? Where is he going now in such a rush?

Dave knew he had to make a decision. Whoever this guy was, he didn’t drive all this way into the mountains just to shake Dave off his tail.

He’ll be back.

He took his phone out of his pocket, carrying on straight ahead into the mountains. He found Doctor Owen’s number and called him. Jane answered.

Hi Jane, it’s Dave.’

Hi Dave, have you got any news?

Yes. The man who attacked the police station was driving a car registered to Doctor Forrest. I found the car and I was following it but I just lost him. He turned round and he’s heading back towards the city.’

Where are you?’

I’m up in the mountains. Heading towards a town called Blackchapel.’

Never heard of it.’

Neither have I. I’m going to push on and check it out though. I think whoever I was following was called back to the city but they’ll come back here. No one would come all the way up here to turn round again. It’s the middle of nowhere.’

You can’t get back on his tail?’

No. He’d know I was following him. I’m sure he’ll be back. Until then, I’ll see what I can do in Blackchapel. Where are you?’

We’ve just picked up the first samples. We’re going to the second point now.’

Did you run into any trouble with The Brotherhood?’

No, but it was a close call. They’re not far behind us.’

Okay. Be careful. I’ll call you when I have an update.’

Thanks Dave.’

They said their goodbyes and Dave hung up. Street lights illuminated the road ahead. A grimy sign approached that read ‘Blackchapel Welcomes Careful Drivers’.

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