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Friday, 26 September 2008

The Rising - Chapter 38: Almost Home

Jackson Korvath was happy. After a long couple of days, he was heading home and like any other person, human or vampire, he was looking forward to getting his head down and enjoying some well-deserved rest.

He’d achieved more in the past two days than he had in a long time. He was always the first person Marcus and Roxy turned to for their dirty work and it was a job that he loved, even after nearly two hundred years of loyal service.

The first job Roxy had given him was to track down Doctor Owen and bring him back to the lair. Finding him wasn’t hard. Predictably, he’d driven far out of the city and checked into a dingy motel, but Jackson had been on his tail the whole time. The doctor could have kept driving all night but he still would have been found, drugged and taken back towards the lair.

Unfortunately the timing of his capture had coincided with the destruction of the Mantek lab by The Brotherhood. Jackson made the decision to keep the doctor at the nearest secure location until he thought it was safe to move him.

He had made a mistake in choosing Doctor Forrest’s house as that secure location. By driving around in Doctor Forrest’s car when he was scoping out the ensuing investigation, it didn’t exactly make it difficult for the police to find them. Roxy had reprimanded him for that, which was why he wouldn’t be able to say no to her for a long time. But he was sure even she knew that he had earned a breather for one night.

Capturing Doctor Owen’s wife Emily had been fun. Jackson enjoyed the chance to draw his pistol and cut down those in his way, especially police officers who think they can stop him with their little pop guns.

It had been a long journey back to the lair. It always was. But thankfully Emily hadn’t spoken much. She had been the most well-behaved prisoner he had ever taken back to the lair. There hadn’t been any screaming or shouting once they left the police station.

A road sign whizzed past him that told him the town of Blackchapel was five miles ahead.

Almost home.

Jackson felt that familiar sinking feeling in his stomach as soon as his phone started to ring. He almost considered not answering the call until he picked up the phone and saw who the caller was.


Hello Roxy.’

Jackson, where are you?’

Just approaching Blackchapel.’

So you managed to pick up what the doctor needs?’


Good. I need you to turn round and go back to the city, I’ve got another job for you.’

Jackson paused before answering. There was no sense in protesting. There was nothing he could say to convince her he shouldn’t follow her orders. ‘Sure. What is it?’

Two of our brothers are being held at the outpost on the Southmoor industrial estate. I need you to pick them up and bring them back here.’

But the sun’s just come up.’

I know, but we can’t afford to leave them there all day. I need them back here. Also, they have a box with them. Make sure they don’t leave it there. I want to see it.’

Who are they?’

One of them was stationed at the base that was attacked last night. I need him to debrief me on the attack. They’ve only just been picked up and the other one is a rebirth.’

Okay, Roxy. I’ll pick them up. I just hope the outpost is still there. I’ve seen some jumpy rebirths in my time.’

There was no answer. No reply to the attempt at making small talk. Roxy had already hung up. Jackson sighed and hit the brakes. Just a few yards from a sign that read ‘Blackchapel Welcomes Careful Drivers’, he did a U-turn in the middle of the road and headed back the way he had come.

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