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Sunday 23 June 2013

Bad News x 1 + Good News x 2

Bad News

The deal to publish One Day in Gitmo Nation has fallen through. Grit City Publications have changed direction and decided to discontinue work on most of the emotobooks that were in progress, which means it's back to being a self-publisher. But that leads me on to...

Good News #1
I'm still working with the same editor and artist I was working with in the Grit City days, Rebecca Hoffman and Darcy Babines. They're two really talented people and we're going to work together to finish off the work on One Day in Gitmo Nation to rerelease it in a state that we'll all be really proud of.

Good News #2
While I was working on the re-edit of One Day in Gitmo Nation I was also working on a number of other stories based in the Gitmo Nation universe, so I have a backlog of stories. The first one that was ready to go is a short story called The Foot on the Shore.

The Foot on the Shore is the story of an old man and his dog who find a severed foot on the beach of their small home town. Once again, this story is inspired by the discussions of Adam Curry and John C Dvorak on the No Agenda show concerning the discoveries of severed feet on the shores of Western Canada and Washington state. It's available now in the Kindle store for less than a buck, so what are you waiting for?

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