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Monday, 16 March 2009

The Rising - Chapter 111: 'I'm Going To Tear You Apart'

Suspended in the air, I slid down the side of the car and grabbed onto the pair of legs that were hanging over the end of the rear wing. Stein’s hands gave way and the weight of his body pulled me down.

We hit the road with a thump. I gritted my teeth and grunted with pain as the left side of my face scraped along the rough surface of the road. A car that had pulled into the emergency lane stopped right in front of us and the driver sounded the horn.

We were bathed in the white light of the headlights. Stein sat up and looked right at me. For a second he looked deep into my eyes, penetrating my mind with his thoughts.

You did this to me, you bastard. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to tear you apart.

The tarmac exploded next to us. We both looked up to see the gunship hovering over us. Small white hot bullets were almost masked in the rain as they shot down out of the sky towards us. I quickly got to my feet and made a leap for the field next to the road. I wanted to get the attack as far away from the traffic as possible. But no sooner had my feet left the ground than I felt Stein’s hands grab my ankle and pull me back down.

Come here, you motherfucker!’

His hands made their way up my legs and grabbed onto my waist. Stein lifted us off the ground. I looked up and saw the gunship getting closer and closer. We were rising into the air, flying towards the deadly rotating blades above. Stein chose the opposite side of the gunship to where The Brotherhood had planted their heavy machine gun.

We rose faster and faster. Stein held me out in front of him, trying to throw my body into the deadly blades. As we reached the gunship, I threw out a hand and gripped the edge of the opening to the main cabin. I held on tight and we stopped. Stein lost his grip and the downdraft from the blades blew him away from me. Before the soldiers on board could lift their weapons to shoot at me, I let go and the downdraft pushed me back towards the ground.

Blood flowed up through my body into my arms and shoulders. I stopped falling and hung in the air ten feet above the ground. The gunship started to turn to allow the gunner a clear shot at me, but a second later Stein flew into me from behind and pushed my body down. He let go and threw me towards the traffic.

My heart skipped a beat as I crashed through a car windscreen. I heard the screams of the passengers but got to my feet and stood on the bonnet. I looked down and saw blood all over the dashboard, which was quickly being diluted by the falling rain. I thought nothing of it, knowing that my body would repair itself before long.

I felt pain all over, but it wasn’t the type of pain that made me want to rest. It charged me like adrenaline, driving me on to push me harder than ever before. Looking down the emergency lane to see that Dave was disappearing into the distance, I turned all of my attention to the one thing that my life depended on.

Kill Captain Stein.

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