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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Rising - Chapter 76: Blast From The Past

The pain in Becky’s right leg was starting to grow. It usually didn’t bother her too much but riding her motorbike aggravated it.

Beneath her cool exterior, she desperately hoped she could make it through the rest of her life without having to perform surgery on herself ever again. She had plenty of scars to show for her confrontations with creatures of the night and the countless attempts on her life over the past two years, but no cut was deeper than the one she had to make herself to remove a bullet from her thigh.

Becky shook those thoughts out of her head. She had spent most of the day on her bike, so the pain in her leg was just another reason to complete this mission as quickly as possible. End of story.

Now that she had some time by herself, she could reflect on the things she’d have preferred not to think about. Like being back in the open. As soon as she decided to intervene in Jane and Doctor Owen’s mission, she knew it would mean that she would instantly come out of hiding, whether she liked it or not. She’d had run-ins with The Brotherhood and made connections in the real world since that night two years ago but had always maintained a low profile.

This is different.

The situation she now found herself in wasn’t just helping one family break away from the clutches of a town full of vampires. It wasn’t breaking into a warehouse protected by vampires to investigate the stockpiles of Virex that could be found all over the world.

The Rising is beginning. It must be stopped at any cost.

She was also thinking of the future. If they do recover the samples and meet with Doctor Forrest, they would need to find somewhere to hide out for a decent length of time if the doctors were to have any chance of completing their work. A number of people had sworn their lives to her and they had all said she could call on them at any time to help her out. Becky knew exactly who she would need to call on to help them out.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a break in the radio silence she had been monitoring on the radio in her helmet. It was a voice she hadn’t heard for a very long time.

Agent Clarkson, are you there? It’s Will.’

The shock almost made her lose control of her bike. She gunned the accelerator to retain her balance.

Agent Clarkson? Becky, are you there?’

Becky maintained her silence but Will continued.

Becky, if you can hear me, you don’t need to say anything. Just listen to what I have to say. We know what you did at the offsite storage facility. You won’t be in any trouble if you come in now. Everyone here needs to know what you know. They need to debrief you. A lot has happened over the last two years. We need you to come back in.’

That little speech sounded so rehearsed, Becky wondered if her old friend had a gun pointed at his head and a script in front of him.

I guess she’s not on this channel,’ Will mumbled, ‘Let’s try the next channel.’

As soon as Will had come back into Becky’s life, he was gone.

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