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Friday, 25 July 2008

The Rising - Chapter 11: Calling In Reinforcements

Private Hindle had been staring at the same screen for hours. The red dot he’d been watching had stopped at the digital representation of a lake an hour ago.

He had alerted the general when it stopped moving but had been told to keep an eye on it for now. After all, the sun would be rising before long and once the fugitives found shelter they would be easier to pick off. They wouldn’t exactly be eager to run outside with two vampires in their gang.

It wasn’t quite the exciting assignment he’d been expecting when they received the emergency call from Captain Stein. Private Hindle, like many other members of The Brotherhood, had never actually seen a vampire. Of course, he’d seen them on training videos and locked inside observation rooms but he’d never made a bloodsucker stare down the barrel of his gun. Even when they arrived at the base, he had been marched into the comms room while his squad mates got to kill all the remaining vampires several floors below.

The red dot disappeared.

Sir,’ said Private Hindle.

The general, who was looking at the screens on the other side of the operations room turned round. ‘Yes, Private, what is it?’

We’ve lost them.’

How could you lose them?’

Either the tracking device on the helicopter failed or they found it and destroyed it.’

The general thought to himself for a moment. ‘They must have abandoned the helicopter,’ he announced, ‘Where are they?’

The last fix on their position was just over a mile south of Lake Arcadia.’

General Graham picked up the telephone sitting next to Private Hindle and dialled the number for the regional headquarters closest to the lake.

This is General Graham. Give me Captain Sayers,’ he barked as soon as his call was answered.

Private Hindle tried to listen in to the conversation but all he could hear was the general’s booming voice.

Captain Sayers, I need your help. I am at the regional headquarters nearest Hartley House. Yes, terrible losses. We need more men.’

General Graham then read the longitude and latitude of the last position of the missing helicopter out to Captain Sayers from the screen.

Load up a helicopter and meet me at Lake Arcadia in one hour.’

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Unknown said...

I just caught up with the Rising today. I tend to read serial novels in spurts rather than catch each chapter as it comes out. This is likely my first post on this one; I'm not sure.

Now that I'm caught back up in the story I'm enjoying it. It took a few chapters to refresh my memory, and I think I'd be rather confused if I hadn't read the first one.

Be that as it may, this is a good read and I look forward to seeing what happens. Thank you for the blook.

scottmckenzie said...

Thanks very much. If you sign up for the email subscription you can be sure of not missing out on any of the action!