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Friday, 14 November 2008

The Rising - Chapter 59: 'She's Back'

Agent Becky Clarkson had only one magnetic grenade left but there were still two trucks ahead of her. The soldiers on board were now well aware of her presence and had diverted their attention away from Jane and the doctor, who were still struggling to pull away from the thundering military vehicles on their tail.

That’s exactly what she wanted but she wasn’t prepared to let them use her as target practice for long. Bullets whistled past her and she dropped back, knowing it was only a matter of time until one of them found their intended target.

She took the grenade in her hand and flicked the plastic cap off the end. A red diode lit up to indicate the grenade was primed.

I’ve got to time this perfectly.

With her other hand Agent Clarkson yanked the accelerator and moved closer to the trucks, keeping her head down from the gunfire. When she was confident she was within range, she pressed the button on the end of the grenade. It made a small whining noise that wasn’t audible to her through her helmet but she knew how much time she had.

Three seconds until it turns magnetic.

Becky threw the grenade into the air and hit the brake. The bike slid all over the road and she had to speed up again to re-gain control.

One… two…

Before the grenade hit the road, it changed direction in mid-air and flew towards the truck on the left. There was a clunk as it hit the rear bumper.

Five seconds.

Becky watched from a distance as one of the soldiers on board the doomed truck knelt over the tailgate to see where the explosive had landed. He held onto the back of the truck with one arm and tried to lean over to reach the grenade. He gripped it and tried to wrestle it free but the magnetic force was too strong for one man to break the seal.

Five seconds are up.

The back of the truck exploded in a ball of fire, and the top of the soldier’s body turned into a cloud of red mist that blew away in the torrential rain. The rest of him fell off the back of the truck onto the road. Becky had to swerve to avoid the bloody pair of legs that flailed towards her.

The remains of the flaming truck skidded to the right and crashed into the back of the remaining truck, which lost its grip on the flooded road and spun through one hundred and eighty degrees, coming to a halt in the emergency lane.

Before the soldiers could compose themselves and pick up their weapons, Agent Clarkson hit the accelerator again and zoomed past the wreckage. She pulled her bike up alongside what was left of Jane and the doctor’s car and looked through the driver’s window.

Both the driver and the passenger had shock written across their faces. They stared at her, unsure if they were next on her hit list. Becky pointed forward to indicate they should follow her and moved ahead of their car.

Captain Sayers kicked the truck door open and stumbled onto the road. Two soldiers got out of his truck and ran over to the burning shell next to them. They dragged one of their squad mates out of the driver’s seat. His uniform was on fire and he screamed as they rolled him on the road, trying to extinguish the flames in pools of rainwater.
Sayers lifted his radio. ‘Come in General Graham, this is Captain Sayers.’

‘This is General Graham, come in Luke.’

‘We’ve lost two vehicles.’

‘Did you capture the fugitives?’

‘Negative. We were ambushed.’

‘Was it a lone attacker on a motorbike?’

‘Affirmative. How did you know? Do you know who it was?’

‘Yes. We’ve just found out this second. It’s Agent Clarkson. She’s back.’

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