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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Rising - Chapter 58: 'Pull Over Now!'

Jane floored the accelerator and weaved in and out of the traffic. The wet road made manoeuvring difficult and she felt the wheels of the car spinning as they passed over patches of standing water.

Most of the cars on the road were either slowing down or veering wildly across the lanes to get out of the way of the massive trucks that were thundering along the Expressway. Jane had to keep her wits about her just to avoid the panicked movements of the car ahead of her, never mind the firepower that was being unleashed just behind them.

Soldiers of The Brotherhood were hanging out of the passenger windows of each truck, firing their rifles in the direction of Jane and Doctor Owen. They didn’t think twice if their bullets found another target. The sound of tearing metal and screeching tyres drowned out the rain, which was interrupted by regular crunches of metal on metal and blaring horns.

Captain Sayers sat in the lead truck, watching the attack unfold. Don’t kill them, he had told his men, but make sure you scare them and run them off the road.

The car Jane was driving was more nimble than their trucks but they had all three lanes of the Expressway covered and all she could do was swerve across the road from the gun sights of one truck to the other. The back of their car was being torn apart by all the gunfire it was taking but it kept on going. It wouldn’t last forever but they were living by the second, just doing their best to survive with no thought of how they could escape the attack.

Sayers picked up the radio. ‘Jesus Christ, can’t any of you hit the tyres?’

He didn’t expect a reply and didn’t get one. ‘Okay,’ he continued into the radio, ‘Cease fire and hit the lights.’

A huge set of spotlights on the top of each truck illuminated and cast a blinding beam of white light onto the road ahead. Captain Sayers hit the button on the radio to turn it into a loudspeaker.

‘Agent Simpson,’ his voice boomed across the Expressway, ‘Pull over now and you will not be harmed.’

Jane straightened the car’s movement but did not slow down. Captain Sayers nodded to the soldier who was hanging out of the side of his truck. The soldier fired off a short burst that tore through the rear of the car. Sayers picked up the radio again.

‘Agent Simpson, pull over now!’

She slowed the car down and started to pull over towards the edge of the road. The road ahead was almost clear. Everyone on the road had either pulled over or hit the gas to get as far away from the gunfire as possible.

Jane was about to stop the car when there was a loud bang from the truck on the right. Sayers looked out of the window to see it swerve and spin off the road, with smoke pouring out of the back. It smashed through the barrier at the side of the road and fell onto its side as it hit the grassy verge. Jane put her foot to the floor and moved back to the middle of the road.

‘What the hell is going on?’ Captain Sayers shouted into the radio at the other trucks.

‘Grenade, Captain. No casualties but our truck is out of commission. It was a single attacker on a motorbike. Look out behind.’

Sayers turned round to look out of the back of the truck and saw a figure in black on a motorbike speeding towards them.

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