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Monday, 10 November 2008

The Rising - Chapter 57: Nowhere To Go

Jane opened the boot of the car and found a space for the bag of tapes next to the medical boxes of samples they had taken from The Brotherhood’s base. She slammed the boot shut and ran round to the driver’s door.

‘Do you know where Abbey Tower is?’ Doctor Owen asked her, shouting through the noise of the rain bouncing off the car.

‘No,’ Jane replied, ‘but there’s a road atlas in the car. You can navigate. Come on, let’s go.’

They got into the car and Jane hit the accelerator. Under Doctor Owen’s guidance they got back onto the Expressway. With most commuters now at their places of work, the traffic was moving along at a decent pace, even if the conditions were still wet.

‘Keep on going,’ the doctor said, running his finger along the map, ‘The exit isn’t for a while yet.’

‘What the hell happened back there?’ Jane asked, not for a moment expecting a coherent answer from her companion.

‘Whoever killed all those people must have known we were going there.’

‘Who knows about that place?’

‘Doctor Forrest springs to mind, but why would he give the location away to anyone else if he wanted us to retrieve the tapes?’

‘Are you sure you can trust him? Maybe he’s putting us through all this to set us up.’

‘No, we can trust him. I’ve known him for a very long time. He has my total confidence.’

‘Anyone else?’

‘Apart from Doctor Forrest, you can take your pick of pretty much any member of The Brotherhood. If they saw us deleting the data from Mantek, they probably would have assumed we would try to get the tapes.’

‘But whoever killed those soldiers couldn’t have been from The Brotherhood, and I’m sure that none of them were vampires either. Something else is going on here.’

‘Look, we’ve still got two more stops to make. Whoever this is must be able to help us. Why else would they leave us that note?’

‘I hope so. Otherwise we haven’t got a chance of standing up against another building full of armed guards.’

Jane slammed her fist on the dashboard and yelled obscenities in frustration.

‘What is it?’ Doctor Owen asked.

‘Look at us. We haven’t got a clue what the hell we’re doing. We left The Brotherhood last night with boxes full of samples for you to carry on your work but now we’ve got nowhere to go. We’ve been trailing round the city picking up more of your crap and now we’re blindly going to another random address just because someone wrote us a note. It’s amazing that we’ve stayed alive this long!’

‘We’re out of options, Jane!’ Doctor Owen shouted back, ‘It’s a shitty situation but it’s the best we’ve got.’

Jane cast a look in her rear view mirror. A big black object was far behind in the mist. A few seconds later she looked again. This time the black object was bigger, joined by identical companions on either side.

‘Have you seen the trucks behind us?’ she said.

Doctor Owen turned round. Before he could check out the trucks that were moving quickly towards them, they heard a faint rattle of gunfire. The rear windscreen shattered into a thousand pieces.

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