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Thursday, 2 December 2010

One Day in Gitmo Nation – Now Available

What’s it all about?

In the near future, the world stands on the edge of global governance. In less than twenty-four hours, the lives of a man boarding a plane, a kid at summer camp, a stock broker, a scientist, a teenage superstar and the President of the USA will be forever entwined in the global conspiracy.

One Day in Gitmo Nation is a thriller based on the topics discussed on the No Agenda Show.

The No Agenda show? What’s that?

It’s a podcast hosted by Adam Curry and John C Dvorak, where they attempt to open the general public’s eyes on subjects as diverse as conspiracy theories, mainstream media and good places to eat in California. For more information go to

Sounds good! How do I get my hands on the book?

One Day in Gitmo Nation is available to buy in print and as a download. It’s only available from at the moment but it will be available to buy from Amazon and other online retailers in 2011.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
The preview on the Lulu page contains the first half of chapter one.

Wait a minute, aren’t you publishing the whole thing online like you usually do?

Yes, the whole novel will be published on in 2011.

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