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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sample: Corvus by L Lee Lowe

I'm pleased to offer a sample from another online fiction writer. I'll let him tell you all about it in his own words...

I'm an indie writer, meaning that I write fiction - novels and short stories - but have no interest in conventional publication. Hence I make all my work available online, though I've recently issued a POD copy of my YA fantasy novel Mortal Ghost as a reader service (no royalties). Here is a link to a recent interview which will give you more information:

At the moment I'm rewriting/revising my new F/SF novel, Corvus, which I plan to begin serialising online in a few months. It's set in a slightly alternate future in which the minds of teen offenders are uploaded into computers on the pretext of rehabilitation – a form of virtual wilderness therapy. The novel is part thriller, part love story, part riff on the nature of consciousness. Here is an extract:
His attention fell upon Josh's album, which lay open on her desk. Most of the photos on view were stiff, cheesy poses in front of bazaar or amphitheatre or cathedral, sunburnt faces of lads in khaki shorts and sandals who must have once been important to the old man, but to Laura interchangeable in their anonymity—there were no labels, not even a date—and about as lifelike as an effigy. A group of friends on holiday together, probably. She'd squinted over the pictures trying to recognise Josh, without success. If the faces of the young are a roadmap of their future, the resolution was too low for her to zoom to the present. Or maybe, quite simply, he was always holding the camera.

To read more, follow the link below...

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