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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Calling all online fiction writers

I am looking for contributors for the *.fiction anthology volume 1. The anthology will provide a printed showcase for the emerging community of online fiction writers who publish their work on the internet for free. The plan is for the anthology to contain samples from 10-15 writers to allow them to promote their work in an accessible and cost-effective format.

All online fiction writers are invited to submit their work for inclusion in the first volume of the *.fiction anthology. This will be a community-focused publication and should be considered as a starting point in building awareness of online fiction. It will be made available for purchase at cost price and all contributors are encouraged to promote this work along with their own.

If there are more submissions than the number required for the first volume, additional work will be carried over to subsequent volumes. Please contact me at for more information and submission guidelines.

The closing date for submissions for volume 1 is September 30th 2008.


Lethe said...

Hey Scott,

What's the latest on the fiction anthology? I looked through your site and didn't see any updates . . .


scottmckenzie said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for the comment. Just waiting on one or two submissions to be completed that can be added into the book. Started formatting, etc... so it's coming along nicely. A bit slower than I'd (probably naively) hoped but we'll get there, hopefully pretty soon!

Lethe said...

I started to get worried. I hadn't heard from you in awhile. Wasn't sure if you were continuing with the project. But glad to hear it's moving along.