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Monday, 23 March 2009

The Rising - Chapter 114: Not A Scratch

Why the hell is it so busy?’ Becky asked as she took her helmet off. She walked towards the car where Jane and Doctor Owen were taking their bags and cases out of the boot.

It’s sale day,’ Jane said, ‘The department store opens early today.’

It doesn’t happen very often, does it?’ Becky asked.

No, why?’

Just seems too much like a coincidence, that’s all.’

Jane stifled a laugh. ‘You think everything’s a conspiracy, don’t you?’

Becky didn’t share her light-hearted mood.

Yes I do, Jane. So would you if you’d seen the things I’ve seen over the last two years.’

Doctor Owen piped up as he threw a bag full of documents over his shoulder. ‘Let’s just get in there, dump all this crap, get my wife and get the hell out of here.’

Can’t argue with that,’ Becky said then returned her tone to serious. ‘Okay, here’s the plan. They don’t know about me so you two go in there and meet with Roxy. I’m going to find a lookout point and watch over you. You can’t take any weapons but remember that I’ll be watching you through the viewfinder of my rifle. I can take a vampire’s nose clean off from a thousand metres away.’

Jane believed her and suspected that she had done just that on more than one occasion.

Then what?’ Jane asked.

I know someone who can help us,’ Becky said, ‘Someone who owes me a favour. He’s a scientist as well. He should be able to keep us safe and allow you to continue your work.’

Finish my work?’ Doctor Owen said, ‘Is there any point now that we’re handing all of this over?’

Look, Doc, we have to go into hiding once this is over. We have to lie low and stay away from the vampires, The Brotherhood, everyone. But if there’s anything you can do to help us stop them, you owe it to everyone out there, especially your friend Tom. We’re running out of time. Where the hell is he?’

Jane was ready to say she didn’t know when they heard a car screech into the car park and skid to a halt next to them. The rear windscreen was smashed and the countless bullet holes made the car’s bodywork look like a cheese grater on wheels. Dave jumped out of the driver’s seat and shouted ‘Help me with him!’

They all ran to the back of the car and opened the doors. Lying among shattered glass on a seat soaked with his blood, Tom was unconscious.

I don’t know what happened to him. I was driving and he fell through the back window. He just told me to head for the north car park at the mall then passed out. He looked like hell when he got in the car. I’m worried he might need medical attention.’

Jane leaned into the car to examine the body, but couldn’t find an injury among the shredded clothes.

I don’t believe it,’ she said, ‘There’s not a scratch on him.’

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