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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Rising - Chapter 82: First Mission

The big guy I’d socked in the nose wasn’t the only one of my new brothers and sisters who was giving me a wide berth. Over the past few hours his nose had healed itself but the feeling of animosity remained.

For a brief period, maybe five minutes, a strange sensation hit me, like a dark cloud had formed over my mind. I noticed that everyone around me stopped talking and continued to work as if someone was watching them. Then, just as quickly as the feeling had arrived, it was gone and everyone started talking again.

However, there was another new feeling that I enjoyed very much. The feeling of free flight was addictive. I couldn’t get enough. For hours I had been swooping from one side of the training hall to the other. With practice I was learning to control my speed mid-flight.

On my first flight I had almost slammed into the stone ceiling. At first I thought of flying like swimming in the air but I quickly realised there was a significant difference. Whereas the water causes drag that slows a swimmer down, there is only gravity to slow me down in flight and the blood flowing around my body was working with forces stronger than gravity. So when I found myself hurtling towards a stone wall, I had to tell myself that I wanted to slow down. After that, my body seemed to do the rest itself.

I was confident I could pull off the loop-the-loop Peter had told me was possible but I resisted the urge. Everyone else was putting a large distance between themselves and me and I didn’t want another reason for them to give me the cold shoulder. After all, if Peter was to be believed I’d have to work with all of them before the end of the night. The thought of joining the vampires on a trip to attack and kill humankind didn’t fill me with warm fuzzy feelings though.

One by one, the figures around me dropped to the ground and I found myself the last one to notice that Roxy had entered the hall. I followed suit, practicing my landing which had become more graceful as the night had progressed. I was aware the syringes were still in my sock and breathed a sigh of relief every time I landed and didn’t hear them break.

We all stood in a semi-circle in front of Roxy, who was joined by Skinner. My brothers and sisters around me all stood to attention and I uncomfortably attempted to do the same.

This won’t take long,’ Roxy said, ‘I appreciate you’ve been training all day and you will be allowed a short time to rest before the operation begins.’

She had the whole room gripped, eagerly awaiting the news of their first mission together. No one knew what to expect, but they couldn’t have dreamed what she had planned for us.

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