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Monday, 27 October 2008

The Rising - Chapter 51: Time To Come Out Of Hiding

As soon as she saw them take the ramp onto the Expressway, Agent Becky Clarkson knew where Doctor Owen and his companion were going. She’d tracked them out of the city using the PDA mounted on her motorbike, following the blinking red dot along every road and round every corner.

She had already checked out the offsite storage facility a long time ago, not long after her disappearance. She made it her mission to know as much as she could about every installation that belonged to the World Health Organisation or The Brotherhood, both official and unofficial.

What the unsuspecting souls in the car she had been following didn’t know, at least not for sure, was that The Brotherhood would be waiting for them. And they were armed and ready. Becky had been listening in on Captain Sayers’ chatter with his men all morning. When the patrols failed to find the fugitives, Sayers had predicted they would attempt to pick up the backup tapes.

They should have gone there first, Becky thought.

In the time it took for them to visit the bank, Sayers had already sent a team of men to assist the man on site and more were on their way. Becky thought there had to be at least five men waiting for them when they arrived, with at least another five en route.

They haven’t got a chance.

Faced with the almost certain death of the subjects she was pursuing, Becky couldn’t intervene if she was going to remain out of harm’s way. It was the philosophy she’d lived by for two long years as she tried to get to the bottom of what she’d seen that night. Above all else, self-preservation had been her motivation, above even the lives of others.

But Becky knew she didn’t have a choice. Everything that was going on right now pointed to the beginning of something. Something she heard from people she had met on her travels all over the world. Something that was going to happen here, and was going to happen soon. It would shake the world and wake every man woman and child up to the terrible secrets that had remained in the domain of the underworld for centuries.

The Rising.

She knew that if Doctor Owen was deleting data and had The Brotherhood chasing after him, he was no longer part of the plan. He was working outside the terms of the treaty, unaware that the wheels were probably already in motion and nothing could stop the plans of both sides.

But he must know something. Something I don’t know. There’s very little time left. I have to help him.

With no more than ten minutes until they reached the storage facility, Becky knew she would have a window of only five minutes, even if she could get there twice as fast as the doctor. There was no other option in her mind. Five minutes was all she needed to neutralise the threat at their destination.

She hit the gas and roared past the doctor’s car into the mist that filled the Expressway.

Time to come out of hiding.

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