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Monday, 4 August 2008

The Rising - Chapter 15: Low On Supplies

Roxy stood in Marcus’ office, debating with him their tactics regarding the imminent arrival of the Lord Chancellor. The way they saw it, the Lord Chancellor was coming to kill them. They had murdered his deputy and he was going to have his revenge. The thought of running away never even entered their minds. They knew he would do everything in his power to track them down and make sure they had a fate worse than death.

In the meantime, they had to do all they could to impress him with their tactical capabilities when he arrived. They knew that if the Lord Chancellor saw that the Rising had begun and it was they who were responsible for its ongoing success, they would have a chance of being spared. This meant completing one, or preferably both, of the tasks they had set themselves.

Get the doctor back

Complete tomorrow’s mission successfully and move onto the next phase of the plan.

Doctor Forrest was confident the instructions he had given Doctor Owen would lead him back into their hands. After all, Doctor Owen saw no reason not to trust him. If he hadn’t figured out that he’d been working with a vampire for many years, he was unlikely to piece together the clues over the next twenty-four hours.

They turned their attention to planning the next mission. They stood over the plans once more, marking the best spots to place their men and weighing up potential losses.

Any losses will occur on impact,’ said Marcus, ‘We should expect a loss of ten to twenty percent.’

That all depends on the skills of our men on the inside,’ said Roxy, ‘but we shouldn’t have any problems from The Brotherhood. All indications from our surveillance teams are that they are putting all their efforts into recovering the doctor.’

The doctor’s escape is a fortunate diversion, and with him running around the city looking for the samples Doctor Forrest has sent him to recover, we shouldn’t have any problems executing the plan.’

There was a knock at the door and Marcus shouted for the visitor to enter. Doctor Forrest opened the door and quickly stepped inside.

Doctor Forrest, is everything okay?’ Roxy asked.

Yes,’ he replied, ‘but I heard you’ve captured Doctor Owen’s wife.’

That’s correct. Is that a problem?’

We’ve met each other a few times at work functions so I don’t want her to know about the work I’m doing here. I realise the holding cell is close to my lab so I’m going to remain in my lab with the door closed unless absolutely necessary.’

Don’t worry,’ said Roxy, ‘she will be confined to her room until we get Doctor Owen back. By that time it will be too late to keep any secrets.’

Thank you. There’s one more thing. I’m running out of the treatment. I was expecting us to have access to another supply by now but with yesterday’s complications I have only two days’ supply left. I have a stash at my house, the one where you were holding the doctor.’

Jackson is here so I’ll send him out to pick up the supplies for you. It shouldn’t take any more than a few hours.’

Thanks, Roxy. It’ll be much easier once we are able to raid the stockpiles.’

That time isn’t far away, Doctor.’

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